Development / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 1 Report

It’s less than a week, that GSoC 2011 coding period have begun. This is my first report for the project.Every Friday I will make a report in this blog to share with you the progress I am making on the project.So what did I do during these first days?

First of all I created an online repo on GitHub and I forked the Augeas project. That will permit me to use version control of my project “GIT” during the implementation and retain an online repo where I can commit my changes to, while experimenting with the source code. This gave me the opportunity to practice more with git, create branches merge commit changes etc. I have to admit that until now, I didn’t used a version control system much, but i really don’t know why?!?! Really git is awesome and can save the developer valuable and useful time.

Next, I continued with trying out OBS for the first time, the openSUSE Build Service, that just renamed to Open Build Service. Even thought i faced some troubles in the start finding my way around (packaging was a new thing for me, and after using obs I have to say that it is not as hard as I initially believed), with the help of my mentor I think I can understand now better the service and use it. But why use OBS to package so early in the project? Well we thought that by using obs we will be able to create packages (please care they are experimental ) with the changes i make, so other people can try them out if they are interested and maybe help with future debugging.

Finally among my initial experiments with Augeas source code, I have created a branch “helloworld” on my git repo, whether i added a simple hw – Hello world command in the augtool that is contained within Augeas. That command prints as you may have guessed :), a hello world message on screen. Then i compiled the project by using the sources of the specific branch, and at the end i used obs to create some packages that can be found on my obs repo :D.

As I had not any important experience with building software and packages, I occupied myself this week mainly with administration actions. Which however, will help the community and of course everyone interested in my gsoc project, to follow the changes, make suggestions, and contribute with new ideas, but will also help in the latter phase of integrating


The progress of the week 1 in bullets:

  • created git repo online through GitHub
  • practice with git
  • compiling packages from git sources
  • Learn the basics about using OBS
  • experimenting with augeas code, and creating a small command as a test
  • creating openSUSE packages through OBS

The GSoC have just begun, and I have already learned many new and very exciting things. This summer will be very interesting for sure!!! Now i will focus on the actual coding and specifically in the merging procedure that will used in Augeas. Till the next report,

Best Regards,
Christos Bountalis

Notice: This is the first time I compile and package a project with obs, therefore the packages inside the repo are highly experimental and only for testing purposes.


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