Development / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 4 Report


This is the 4rth week report, a lot of coding this week, you can see some code on my project github under branch working. Yes the code there is still not stable, but I am improving it constantly. Till this moment, i didn’t have any feedback except from my mentor, so if you check it out and have some suggestion or something, please feel free to contact me.

What is new in few words?

There have been improvements in many of the functions i did, several new functions have been added in my augeas branch repo, i try to split things up as much as possible, to help me debug things.

Functions Changed/Added:

int label_compare

merge command in augtool was changed a bit too.

What is next?

The basic steps for tree matching have already been implemented, the goal now is to finish it and actually include the merging functions too. The tree matching is the most complex part as far i have understood in this project. By completing it, the other steps in the initial schedule will be implemented easier.

Till next week,


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