Development / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 6 Report


This is my 6th report concerning the progress of my gsoc project. First of all, I want to apologize because of the 5th report that is missing from last week. Due to some events, for me it was almost impossible to concentrate on work. Even though i did some things, it was not enough to create a report on. The previous week made me get out of schedule at least for a week, i will try to catch up this time by working more on weekends starting from this one. Even though in my initial plan there were about two weeks free time in the schedule that i could use in occasions like this.

Anyway, what’s up with the progress. As I have described in previous post, I am currently working on the matching code / algorithm. Some major improvements took place on the aug_process_tree method, which will be responsible for matching the initial tree with those coming as parameters. The tree traversal algorithm is now working completely, some issues however still exist in the matching of the tree nodes. Hopefully, i will be able to resolve this issues very soon, maybe even in the next couple of days.

Also, some basic drafts of the merging functions were added. Each function will complete the appropriate actions that must be carried , and will also represent each of the merging parameters /merging flags that will be used.

Finally, small changes and improvements took place in few other functions as well in the code. The plan for the next days is to complete the matching of the tree nodes and the merging. At least to a point where more more debugging tests would be able to be carried out.

Till next week,


2 thoughts on “A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 6 Report

    • I hope pretty soon, probably in the next week, if all things go as plan there will be an initial package at least for testing purposes.

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