Development / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 7 Report

Hello again,

This is the 7th week report for my GSoC project. During the implementation of the matching procedures, i talked in my last blog post, there were some new developments concerning the project. That made the actual matching procedure halt for a while, because there are no effective way at the moment to test the matching progress in the actual implementation. Where is the problem? The problem that occurred is the handling of the special comments that are used in many of the sysconfig files. These comments may appear next to simple description comments but contain useful information that are then interpreted by the program, such information could be for example the type of a variable etc. So what now? This week I am trying to find an effective way to deal with this problem, the initial idea i have is to modify the sysconfig lens, used by Augeas, in order to represent the sysconfig files in a tree form (with more levels that the current) that will be suitable for the matching/sorting algorithms i have already implemented.

What else?

I got a response for my first patch i submitted in Augeas too, and i have learn many useful things from the tips. So among other things this week i had the chance to rework that patch in order to achieve a better result.

What i need to do this week?

– finish the modification of the sysconfig.aug lens.
– implement a way to effectively deal with the comments (special and simple ones).


During the last weeks I am on the toughest part of my gsoc project. I hope that when i finish this part of the project, there will be a burst of progress for the last parts of the initial schedule.

Till next week,



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