Development / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 9 Report


Exciting news for the project this week. After solving the problem with the comments and the tree representation of the sysconfig files in Augeas, there was a big leap in the project’s progress. By having test data and through debugging i was able to complete the match algorithm.
The program is now able to traverse through two trees / files, make the necessary matches between the nodes of these two trees and provide the appropriate information to the later stages. That of merging.

What exactly have been done in the previous week:

– Tree representation of sysconfig files
– Matching between two trees nodes completed
– Sorting of labels (Small Fixes)
– tree_compare function complete
– Tree traversal of aug_process_trees ( revisited)

What is for next week:

– Finish merging functions for aug_process_trees ( I feel optimistic that i will surely complete this next week due to the reason that matching was completed)
– Create first beta packages
– Test Test Test
– Improve code


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