Fillup-ng / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Week 10 Report

Hello again,

this is my report for the 10th week of GSoC. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to create the beta packages i was hoping. There are still some issues to be resolved within the aug_process_tree that hopefully will be solved this weekend.

This week news:
– During some tests i carried out: small errors and space for small tweaks in code was found. Solved all of errors found.

– Code Improvements:
–>New function: struct tree **tree_get_children(struct tree * node)
–>More checks for null values etc in tree matching comparing etc
–>Better handling of comments and null labeled nodes within the configuration files parsed by augeas. I had an idea this week, after discussing with my mentor Michal, the idea was concerning the sorting of the comments and how not to mess with their order in the file. A solution was found based to the idea,at least temporary, and it is already implemented.

– Code Changes:
–>Changed functions:
—->struct tree** tree_child_sort_label(const augeas *aug,struct tree *node) now accepts the tree parent node as a parameter, changes in the code within
—->struct treeMatch* tree_compare_children(const augeas *aug,struct tree **first,struct tree **second) now accepts arrays of struct trees, changes in the code within
—->aug_process_tree still under constant changes.

The reason for all the above changes,the continuous code improvements and the delay in the completion of the aug_process_tree is based mainly due to the reason that i want to create functions that will be further useful by other developers of Augeas and will not just fulfill merging of sysconfig files but it will be possible to used/extended to other configuration files as well.

What is to be done:
-Finish aug_process_tree
-Beta Packages
-Test merging functions
-Code improvements?!


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