Development / GSoC 2011

A utility for merging configuration / sysconfig files – Final GSoC Report


last week was very busy for me and also very exciting. The end of Google Summer of Code period overlapped the beginning of a new period of my life. During these days, i moved from Salamis(Greece) to Amsterdam(Netherlands) where i am going to study towards a master degree in Artificial Intelligence. As you may understand there were and still are many things for me to arrange, as a person in a total new place/city/country.

So enough about me, what is up with the project? Well, i am very glad to say that the project “ended” and reached a very satisfactory level, the merging functions are now working and i can say that the application is now in an alpha testing phase. There are of course things that always can be improved and a lot of testing to be done in order for this project to take its place and be useful and ready for use in openSUSE. This is the last GSoC report for this project.

Does the GSoC end means that this project is abandoned? Of course not,  as i have already said this may be  the last GSoC report, but this is definitely not the last report for the project. My intention from the beginning was to join the openSUSE developers society and contribute something back to the community. Therefore, I am planning and actually i am already working in order for the project to reach the next stage.  I’m going to keep posting updates on this web-site so if you are interested in the progress of the project please feel free to visit and check for new blog posts.

There couldn’t be a final GSoC report, without the necessary thanks. First of all i would like to thank Google and openSUSE for giving me this great opportunity to work on such an exciting project. I highly recommend on everyone to apply for the next year GSoC if they are able, it is an amazing experience. Not only you have the chance to learn new things, but you can also meet great people. The kind of people who open source communities are filled with. :). So speaking of people I would also like to thank my mentor Michal Hrušecký for his help, I strongly feel like I have gained a new friend after all these months of frequent communication! I would also like to thank Petr Gajdos and of course the Augeas developers for their help and support.

This is not a good-bye blog post, the real project is now beginning :))

So as always, till the next blog post,

Christos Bountalis


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